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5860-Flask, Grip, Hand

  • Made of silicon
  • Available with stand slip free mechanism
  • Can withstand temp. upto 280°C
  • Made of silicon
  • Available with stand slip free mechanism
  • Can withstand temp. upto 280°C
PART  No. Type Material PACK Qty.
5860-S   Flask, Grip, Hand silicon 1

Here are some common uses of flask grips in laboratories:

  1. Hot Flask Handling: Flask grips are specifically designed for handling hot flasks, especially those involved in heating processes. They provide a heat-resistant barrier, allowing researchers to safely manipulate flasks that have been subjected to heat.
  2. Preventing Burns: Flask grips protect the hands from burns or discomfort when handling flasks that have been heated or cooled. The insulating properties of the grip shield the user from extreme temperatures.
  3. Safety during Heating or Cooling: When flasks are used in conjunction with heating mantles, hot plates, or cooling baths, flask grips ensure a secure hold while minimizing the risk of burns or injuries.
  4. Temperature-Controlled Reactions: In reactions where temperature control is crucial, flask grips allow researchers to handle flasks during temperature changes without the need for direct contact.
  5. Comfortable Handling: Flask grips are designed to be ergonomic, providing a comfortable and secure grip. This is especially important when working with glassware for extended periods.
  6. Flask Inversion: Flask grips facilitate the controlled inversion of flasks for mixing or transferring contents. The grip ensures a stable hold, reducing the likelihood of spills or accidents.
  7. Secure Pouring: When pouring liquids from a flask, a flask grip provides a stable hold, allowing for controlled pouring without the risk of the flask slipping from the hands.
  8. Chemical Reactions and Processes: Flask grips are used in various chemical reactions and laboratory processes, ensuring the safe handling of glass flasks containing reactive substances.
  9. Laboratory Hygiene: Flask grips contribute to good laboratory hygiene by preventing direct contact between the hands and the glassware, reducing the risk of contamination.
  10. Compatibility with Different Flask Sizes: Flask grips are designed to accommodate different sizes and shapes of flasks, providing versatility in the laboratory.
  11. Quick Flask Removal: In applications where flasks need to be quickly and safely removed from heating devices, flask grips offer a convenient and efficient solution.
  12. Avoiding Thermal Shock: When transferring flasks between different temperature environments, such as from a hot water bath to a cooling bath, flask grips help avoid thermal shock by providing a controlled hold.

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