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5230-Dropping Bottles

  • Made from Low Density Polyethylene
  • Dropping Bottles dispense small uniform drops of liquids when pressed lightly
  •  Made from Low Density Polyethylene
  •  Dropping Bottles dispense small uniform drops of liquids when pressed lightly
PART  No. Capacity (ltr) PACK Qty.
5230-60 60 12
5230-125 125 12

Here are some common uses of dropping bottles made of polyethylene:

  1. Chemical Dispensing:
    • Polyethylene dropping bottles are used for dispensing various liquid chemicals in controlled quantities. The squeezable nature of polyethylene allows for precise and controlled drops, making them suitable for applications where accurate dosing is required.
  2. Sample Collection:
    • In laboratories, dropping bottles are used for collecting small liquid samples. The controlled dispensing capability is beneficial when collecting specific volumes of liquids for analysis or experimentation.
  3. Stain Application in Microscopy:
    • Dropping bottles are commonly used in microscopy laboratories for the application of stains onto microscopic slides. The controlled dropping feature allows for accurate staining without over-application.
  4. Oil and Lubricant Dispensing:
    • Polyethylene dropping bottles are suitable for dispensing oils, lubricants, or other fluid substances in mechanical or industrial settings. The controlled dispensing is valuable for lubricating specific components.
  5. Educational Demonstrations:
    • Dropping bottles are often used in educational settings for science experiments and demonstrations. They allow students to observe and practice precise liquid dispensing techniques.
  6. Medical and Healthcare Applications:
    • In healthcare settings, dropping bottles may be used for dispensing medications, antiseptics, or other liquid substances in controlled amounts.
  7. Liquid Reagents:
    • Laboratories use polyethylene dropping bottles for dispensing liquid reagents in analytical procedures. The controlled dropping capability is advantageous when adding reagents to samples.
  8. Electronics and PCB Assembly:
    • Dropping bottles can be employed in electronics manufacturing for precise application of liquid solder flux, adhesives, or other substances during printed circuit board (PCB) assembly.
  9. Arts and Crafts:
    • Dropping bottles are used in arts and crafts for applying small amounts of paints, dyes, or other artistic mediums with precision.
  10. Field Sampling:
    • Environmental scientists may use dropping bottles for field sampling, allowing them to collect small liquid samples from various environmental sources.
  11. Seed Coating in Agriculture:
    • In agriculture, dropping bottles can be used for coating seeds with specific solutions or treatments. The controlled dispensing ensures uniform coating.
  12. Quality Control in Manufacturing:
    • Industries may use dropping bottles for quality control purposes, such as applying small amounts of testing solutions or indicators to assess the quality of manufactured products.

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