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4610-Burette Clamp, Mild Steel

  • Mild Steel
  • Chrome Coated
  • Fisher Type with Boss Head, Double
  • Mild Steel
  • Chrome Coated
  • Fisher Type with Boss Head, Double
PART No. Type Max. Temp PACK Qty.
4610-P PVC Sleeve 80ºC 6
4610-S Silicon Sleeve 280ºC 6

Here are some common uses of burette clamps made of mild steel:

  1. Titration Experiments:
    • Burette clamps are extensively used to secure and support burettes during titration experiments. The adjustable nature of the clamp allows precise positioning of the burette for accurate titrant dispensing.
  2. General Glassware Support:
    • Mild steel burette clamps can be used to stabilize and support various cylindrical glassware items, such as graduated cylinders or columns, during different laboratory procedures.
  3. Heating Setups:
    • Burette clamps made of mild steel are suitable for securing glassware over heat sources during heating experiments. This ensures stability and minimizes the risk of accidents.
  4. Laboratory Apparatus Assembly:
    • These clamps are often employed in assembling complex laboratory setups, helping to hold different components together for simultaneous reactions or measurements.
  5. Educational Laboratories:
    • Mild steel burette clamps are commonly found in educational laboratories, providing a sturdy and adjustable solution for holding glassware. They are frequently used in introductory chemistry and biology labs.
  6. Distillation Setups:
    • Burette clamps may be used in setups involving distillation, securing the distillation column or other glassware components in the desired positions.
  7. Secure Pipette Holder:
    • In some cases, mild steel burette clamps can be adapted to securely hold pipettes, providing stability during precise pipetting in experiments.
  8. General Laboratory Stability:
    • Mild steel burette clamps find use whenever stability and secure positioning of cylindrical glassware are required, such as in gravity filtration setups or any experiment where a burette-like holder is needed.
  9. Chemical Synthesis:
    • Burette clamps made of mild steel may be utilized to hold reaction vessels securely, ensuring stability and safety during chemical synthesis experiments.
  10. Field Research:
    • The strength and durability of mild steel make these clamps suitable for field research or experiments conducted outside the traditional laboratory setting.

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