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• With Batch Certificate
• Compliance with DIN/ISO 385 and USP standard
• Printed in blue colour

• With Batch Certificate
• Compliance with DIN/ISO 385 and USP standard
• Printed in blue colour

PART No. Capacity (ml) Division      (ml) ±Tol. (ml) PACK Qty.
4360-10 10 0.05 0.03 12
4360-25 25 0.10 0.05 12
4360-50 50 0.10 0.05 12
4360-100 100 0.20 0.1 12

Here are some potential uses for such a burette:

  1. Titration Procedures:
    • The burette is ideal for titration experiments, allowing for accurate and controlled addition of a titrant to a solution with the PTFE needle valve stopcock providing fine control over the flow.
  2. Analytical Chemistry:
    • Class AS burettes are designed for high-precision analytical work, ensuring accurate measurements of volumes in quantitative analyses and other analytical procedures.
  3. Quantitative Analysis:
    • Laboratories performing quantitative analyses, such as determining the concentration of substances in solutions, can benefit from the accuracy and reliability of Class AS burettes with batch certificates.
  4. Quality Control in Pharmaceuticals:
    • The burette is suitable for pharmaceutical quality control processes where compliance with USP standards and the presence of a batch certificate are essential to ensure accuracy and reliability.
  5. Standardization of Solutions:
    • Burettes with batch certificates are well-suited for the preparation and standardization of solutions, providing assurance of consistent quality within a batch.
  6. Research and Development:
    • In research laboratories, especially those focused on chemical and pharmaceutical development, these burettes are used for precise dispensing of reagents, contributing to the development of new processes and products.
  7. Education and Training:
    • Burettes with batch certificates may be used in educational laboratories to teach students about titration techniques, volumetric measurements, and the importance of quality standards in laboratory practices.
  8. Environmental Analysis:
    • Laboratories conducting environmental analyses may use these burettes for accurate measurements of pollutants or analytes in water samples, aiding in environmental monitoring efforts.
  9. Compliance with Standards:
    • The batch certificate, along with compliance with DIN/ISO and USP standards, ensures that each burette in a specific batch meets specific quality and accuracy criteria, providing traceability and consistency in laboratory practices.
  10. Sensitive Reagents:
    • The PTFE needle valve stopcock makes this burette suitable for handling sensitive reagents or solutions that may react with traditional stopcock materials. PTFE is chemically inert and resistant to many substances.
  11. UV-Sensitive Solutions:
    • The amber glass provides protection against UV light, making the burette suitable for applications involving solutions sensitive to light degradation.

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