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  • With Batch Certificate
    • Compliance with DIN ISO 385 and USP standards
    • Printed in blue color
  • With Batch Certificate
    • Compliance with DIN ISO 385 and USP standards
    • Printed in blue color
PART No. Capacity (ml) Division      (ml) ±Tol. (ml) PACK Qty.
4340-10 10 0.05 0.03 12
4340-25 25 0.10 0.05 12
4340-50 50 0.10 0.05 12
4340-100 100 0.20 0.1 12

Here are some specific uses for this type of burette:

  1. Titration Procedures:
    • The burette is commonly used in titration experiments where precise volumes of a titrant are added to a solution of an analyte until a chemical reaction reaches its endpoint. The PTFE key stopcock allows for fine control over the flow of the titrant.
  2. Analytical Chemistry:
    • The high accuracy of Class A burettes makes them essential for analytical chemistry applications. These burettes are used to measure volumes of solutions with a high degree of precision, crucial in quantitative analysis.
  3. Quantitative Analysis:
    • In various laboratory settings, particularly in chemical and biochemical analysis, the burette is employed to deliver known volumes of reagents or solutions for quantitative measurements.
  4. Quality Control in Pharmaceutical Industry:
    • Compliance with USP standards makes this burette suitable for pharmaceutical laboratories where precise measurements are critical for quality control processes.
  5. Standardization of Solutions:
    • Burettes are often used in the preparation and standardization of solutions, ensuring accurate concentrations for subsequent experiments or analyses.
  6. Education and Training:
    • Amber glass burettes with Class A accuracy are commonly used in educational laboratories to teach students about titration techniques and volumetric measurements.
  7. Research and Development:
    • In research laboratories, particularly those focused on chemical and pharmaceutical development, these burettes are employed for precise and controlled additions of reagents during experimentation.
  8. Light-Sensitive Solutions:
    • The amber glass provides protection against UV light, making this type of burette suitable for handling light-sensitive solutions that may degrade when exposed to light.
  9. Compliance with Standards:
    • The batch certificate, along with adherence to DIN/ISO standards, ensures that the burette meets specific quality and accuracy criteria, making it suitable for regulated industries and research where traceability and standardization are essential.
  10. Environmental Analysis:
    • In environmental laboratories, the burette may be used for analyzing water samples or other environmental components where accurate measurements are crucial for assessing pollutant levels.

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