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Chemical Resistant

Chemical Resistant

Part No. FEMALE Joint MALE Joint Centre to Centre Pack QTY.
2130-24F24M 24/40 24/40 100mm 10
2130-29F29M 29/42 29/42 100mm 10

Potential Uses or Applications:

  • Fractional Distillation: The Claisen adapter is often employed in fractional distillation setups, allowing for the separation of components with different boiling points.
  • Reflux: In organic synthesis, the Claisen adapter can be used in reflux setups, where a reaction mixture is heated, and the vapors are condensed and returned to the reaction vessel.
  • Multiple Reaction Setups: The multiple side arms of the Claisen adapter enable the attachment of various glassware pieces, facilitating complex reaction setups involving multiple components.
  • Parallel Reactions: Chemists may use Claisen adapters to perform parallel reactions simultaneously, optimizing efficiency in the laboratory.
  • Condensation: The vertical tube of the Claisen adapter allows for the connection of a condenser, enabling efficient condensation of vapors produced during a reaction.

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