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Chemical Resistant

Chemical Resistant

Part No. BOTH FEMALE Joint MALE  Joint Offset Centre to Centre Pack QTY.
2110-14F14M 14/10 14/10 50mm 10
2110-14F14M-A 14/20 14/20 50mm 10
2110-19F19M 19/22 19/22 50mm 10
2110-24F24M 24/40 24/40 100mm 10
2110-29F29M 29/42 29/42 100mm 10
2110-29F29M-A 29/26 29/26 100mm 10
2110-24F24M 24/40 24/40 65mm 10
2110-29F29M-A 29/42 29/42 65mm 10


  1. Distillation: The Claisen adapter is commonly used in distillation setups, particularly for fractional distillation. It provides multiple openings for different functionalities in the distillation process, such as the attachment of a thermometer, addition of reactants, and collection of distillate.
  2. Chemical Synthesis: The Claisen adapter is useful in chemical synthesis, especially when carrying out reactions with volatile components. It allows for the efficient removal or addition of reagents during a reaction.
  3. Fractional Distillation: In fractional distillation, the Claisen adapter is a key component in the distillation column. It enables the separation of components in a mixture based on differences in their boiling points, providing control over the condensation and collection of vaporized fractions.
  4. Vacuum Distillation: The three-way design of the Claisen adapter can be advantageous in vacuum distillation setups, where maintaining specific pressure conditions is crucial.
  5. Solvent Recycling: In laboratories where solvents are used, the Claisen adapter can be employed to recover and recycle solvents through distillation.
  6. Teaching and Demonstrations: The Claisen adapter is often used in educational settings to teach students about distillation techniques and principles.

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