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Chemical Resistant

Chemical Resistant

Part No. MALE & FEMALE BALL Joint Pack QTY.
2070-12FM 12/5 10
2070-18FM 18/9 10
2070-28FM 28/15 10

Applications for an adapter with these characteristics in a laboratory setting:

  1. Impinger Setup: An impinger is a device used to collect airborne particles or gases by drawing air through a liquid. An adapter with a 90˚ angle might be used to connect the impinger to other parts of the experimental setup or to alter the orientation of the impinger within the system.
  2. Air Sampling: Impingers are commonly used in air sampling applications to collect particulate matter or specific gases. The 90˚ angle in the adapter could be useful for directing the airflow in a specific direction or for fitting the impinger into a confined space.
  3. Exhaust Gas Analysis: In environmental or industrial testing, impingers are often used for the analysis of exhaust gases. The 90˚ angle adapter could facilitate the connection of the impinger to sampling lines or other equipment in the analysis system.
  4. Stack Emission Monitoring: In stack emission testing, where gases released from industrial stacks are analyzed, an impinger with a 90˚ angle adapter might be employed to fit the sampling device into the specific configuration of the stack.
  5. Chemical Analysis: Impingers are used in various chemical analyses where capturing or trapping specific compounds from a gas stream is necessary. The 90˚ angle adapter could be part of a setup to optimize the positioning of the impinger for efficient collection.

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