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Chemical Resistant

Chemical Resistant

Part No. BOTH MALE  Joint Pack QTY.
2060-14M 14/20 10
2060-19M 19/22 10
2060-24M 24/40 10
2060-29M 29/42 10

Applications for an adapter with a 75˚ bend in a laboratory setting:

  1. Custom Experimental Setups: Adapters with specific bends are often used to create customized experimental setups. Researchers may need to achieve specific angles or orientations in their apparatus, and adapters like this could facilitate such configurations.
  2. Glassware Connection: Adapters are commonly used to connect different pieces of laboratory glassware. A 75˚ bend might be useful in creating a connection between two components at a non-standard angle.
  3. Fluid Transfer: In setups involving the transfer of liquids or gases, adapters with bends can be used to redirect the flow in a controlled manner. The 75˚ bend could be part of a fluid-handling system.
  4. Space Optimization: Adapters with bends can help optimize space in a laboratory setup. They allow for more efficient use of the available workspace, particularly in situations where a straight-line connection is not practical.
  5. Instrumentation Mounting: Adapters with bends can be used to mount instruments at specific angles, which may be necessary for certain types of measurements or observations.

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