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Chemical Resistant

Chemical Resistant

Part No. FEMALE Joint Pack QTY.
2040-14F 14/20 10
2040-19F 19/22 10
2040-24F 24/40 10
2040-29F 29/42 10


  1. Connecting Glassware: The adapter may be used to connect two pieces of glassware or tubing at a specific angle.
  2. Adjusting Setup Orientation: It could be used to alter the orientation of a particular part of a laboratory apparatus to optimize the experimental setup.
  3. Creating Custom Configurations: Researchers often need to customize their setups for specific experiments, and adapters with specific bends can be valuable in achieving the desired configurations.
  4. Facilitating Fluid Flow: In setups involving fluid transfer, a 105˚ bend adapter could be used to redirect the flow of liquids or gases.


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