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Part No. Thread size (G.L No.) Style Pack Qty.
1470-14B 14 Bent 500
1470-14S 14 Straight 500
1470-18B 18 Bent 500
1470-18S 18 Straight 500

A “HOSE CONNECTION FOR GL THREAD, WITH RUBBER SEAL” refers to a device designed for connecting hoses to laboratory glassware with a GL (Glass Lab) standard thread. Here are potential uses for this type of hose connection:

  1. Fluid Transfer: It allows for the secure connection of hoses to laboratory glassware, facilitating the transfer of liquids or gases between different apparatus.
  2. Vacuum Applications: In laboratory setups where vacuum is needed, the hose connection with a rubber seal helps create a tight and secure connection to maintain the vacuum.
  3. Gas Inlet/Outlet: For experiments requiring the introduction or removal of gases, a hose connection with a rubber seal can ensure a reliable seal.
  4. Flexible Connections: It provides a flexible and easily detachable connection point, allowing for versatility in experimental setups.
  5. Sealing and Leak Prevention: The rubber seal helps prevent leaks and ensures a tight seal, particularly important when working with volatile substances or creating specific atmospheric conditions.

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