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  • Diameter,:-50 mm
  • Hook number: – two
  • Type: – single pulley, double pulley, triple pulley

Product Details:

Pulley Style Standard
Material Of Construction Stainless Steel(SS), Plastic, Wood, Aluminium, Brass
Number of Grooves Multi-Groove
Power Source Motorized

Pulleys are used for:

  1. Mechanical Advantage:
    • Leverage: Provides mechanical advantage to lift or move heavy objects with less force.
  2. Direction Change:
    • Change of Direction: Redirects the force applied to the rope or belt in a different direction.
  3. Force Distribution:
    • Even Force Distribution: Distributes force evenly across multiple pulleys in a system.
  4. Speed Adjustment:
    • Speed Variability: Adjusts the speed of a system by changing the pulley sizes.
  5. Load Balancing:
    • Balances Loads: Helps distribute weight or loads in systems involving multiple pulleys.
  6. Tension Management:
    • Tension Control: Maintains and controls tension in belts or ropes for smooth operation.
  7. Mechanical Systems:
    • Engineering Applications: Integral in various mechanical systems for power transmission and control.

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