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13380-Folding Stretcher

1) MS coated tubular.

(2) Cloth with Safety Strips.

Product Details:

Size Many
Color Any


1) MS coated tubular.

(2) Cloth with Safety Strips.

Its uses can be summarized as follows:

Emergency Response:

  • Ideal for rapid deployment in emergency situations to transport patients quickly.

Search and Rescue:

  • Used in search and rescue operations to move injured individuals in challenging environments.

Field Medical Care:

  • Deployed in field medical settings, such as outdoor events or disaster response, for patient transport.

Compact Storage:

  • Features a foldable design for compact storage and easy transport when not in use.

Patient Transfer:

  • Facilitates the transfer of patients within healthcare facilities or between locations.

Versatile Use:

  • Adaptable for various environments, including ambulances, clinics, and remote locations.

Lightweight and Portable:

  • Designed to be lightweight and easily portable for convenient use in different scenarios.

Sturdy Construction:

  • Typically constructed with durable materials to ensure the stability and safety of patient transport.

First Aid Situations:

  • Utilized in first aid scenarios to provide a stable surface for injured individuals during transport.

Temporary Bed:

  • Acts as a temporary bed or stretcher when standard beds are unavailable or impractical.

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