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13100-Cylinder Trolley

Its uses can be summarized as follows:

Gas Cylinder Transport:

  • Safely transports gas cylinders, facilitating their movement within medical or industrial facilities.

Healthcare Settings:

  • Commonly used in healthcare environments to transport medical gas cylinders.

Industrial Applications:

  • Applied in industrial settings for the movement of various types of gas cylinders.

Safety and Stability:

  • Provides a stable platform and secure attachment to prevent cylinder accidents during transport.

Efficiency in Handling:

  • Enhances efficiency by allowing easy maneuverability of gas cylinders.

Emergency Response:

  • Supports quick and efficient deployment of gas cylinders during emergency situations.

Workplace Mobility:

  • Enables the convenient relocation of gas cylinders within workplaces.

Construction Sites:

  • Used in construction sites and workshops to transport welding and cutting gas cylinders.

Compact Storage:

  • Facilitates compact storage of gas cylinders when not in use.

Versatile Utility:

  • Versatile in its applications, suitable for diverse industries and facilities.

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