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12380-COD Digester


  • Selection of model 15 tubes or 24 specially designed COD digester for COD method for monitoring waste water in fluent and industrial process water
  • Highly insulated double walled inner chamber of 304 S.S & exterior G.I powder coated finish.
  • The temperature is being control by solid state electronic temp. controller with DIGITAL indicator & pt-100 as a sensor
  • Digital timer of 120 minute with alarm tubes or 36 tubes
  • Suitable for 38 mm dia tubes and 600 mm height air condenser
  • Temp accuracy: ±0.5c

A COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) Digester is a laboratory device used for the digestion of samples in the COD analysis process. In short, its primary use is for:

COD Analysis:

  • Facilitating the digestion of samples to determine Chemical Oxygen Demand, crucial in environmental monitoring and wastewater treatment analysis.

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