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11620-Egg Commercial Egg Setter

Product Specification

Capacity 2000
Egg Turner Automatic
Humidity Controller Automatic Humidity controller
Inner Body Metal Ms /Gi
Outer Body Metal
Pid Controller PiD Digital Full Automatic
Warranty 1 year
Part No. Capacity (pcs)
11620-500 500
11620-1000 1000
11620-2000 2000

A Commercial Egg Setter for poultry farming is commonly used for:

  1. Incubation: Providing controlled conditions for the development of fertilized eggs.
  2. Egg Hatching: Facilitating the hatching process for commercial egg production.
  3. Temperature and Humidity Control: Ensuring optimal conditions for egg incubation.
  4. Chick Production: Supporting the controlled development of chicks for commercial purposes.
  5. Efficient Egg Turning: Mechanized system for turning eggs to promote uniform development.
  6. Large-Scale Poultry Farms: Used in commercial settings for high-volume egg production.
  7. Egg Quality Assurance: Contributing to consistent quality in hatched chicks.
  8. Research and Development: Utilized for studies related to poultry breeding and incubation.
  9. Automation: Incorporating automated features for efficient and consistent operation.
  10. Sustainable Egg Production: Supporting sustainable practices in commercial poultry farming.

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