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11000-Lab Hot Air Oven (Digital Display)

Product Details:

Temperature Range 50-250 Degree Celsius
Type Memmert
Size 95 Ltr
Usage/Application Laboratory
Max Temperature 250
No Of Trays 2.0
Material Stainless Steel
Air Circulation Motorized Recirculation

A Lab Hot Air Oven with a Digital Display, often referred to as a “Digital Hot Air Oven” or “Digital Lab Oven,” serves specific purposes in laboratory settings. Here’s a brief overview of its uses:

  1. Sterilization: Utilized for the sterilization of laboratory equipment, glassware, and media using hot air convection.
  2. Microbiological Cultures: Supports the incubation and growth of microbiological cultures under controlled temperature conditions.
  3. Drying and Heating: Used for drying and heating applications in laboratories where precision and consistency are crucial.
  4. Digital Control: Equipped with a digital display for accurate temperature control and monitoring, ensuring precise experimental conditions.
  5. Uniform Heat Distribution: Provides uniform heat distribution within the chamber, critical for reliable and reproducible results.
  6. Research and Testing: Commonly used in scientific research, quality control, and testing laboratories for various applications.
  7. Materials Testing: Applied in materials testing for processes such as heat treatment, moisture removal, and stability testing.
  8. Pharmaceutical and Biotech: Widely used in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries for processes requiring controlled temperature environments.

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