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10780-Friability Digital- Double


  •     Sturdy motor to drive drums at constant speed
  •     Seven segment LED display



  •     DISPLAY    3 digital seven segment bright
  •     ACCURACY    + I revolution
  •     RESOLUTION    I revolution
  •     OPERATING TEMP.RANGE    10º- 50ºC
  •     POWER    230V+ 10% VA 50Hz
  •     DIMENSIONS    430 x 220 x 225
  •     DIMENSIONS    325 X 220 X 225m
  •     WEIGHT    10Kg (Approx.)

Here are its uses in short form:

  1. Tablet Quality Assurance:
    • Assess the friability of tablets to ensure their durability and resistance to breakage during handling and transportation.
  2. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing:
    • Employ in the production process to monitor and control the quality of tablet formulations.
  3. Research and Development:
    • Contribute to R&D efforts in developing and optimizing tablet formulations with desired friability characteristics.
  4. Quality Control:
    • Serve as a tool for routine quality control checks on batches of pharmaceutical tablets.
  5. Regulatory Compliance:
    • Comply with regulatory requirements by conducting friability testing as part of pharmaceutical quality assurance.
  6. Batch Release Testing:
    • Use in the release testing of tablet batches before they are distributed for commercial use.
  7. Process Optimization:
    • Optimize tablet manufacturing processes by adjusting formulations based on friability test results.
  8. Documentation and Records:
    • Provide documented evidence of tablet friability for regulatory submissions and internal records.
  9. Consistency Checks:
    • Ensure consistency in tablet quality and performance across different production runs.
  10. Efficiency in Testing:
    • Utilize digital technology for efficient and precise friability measurements in a laboratory or production environment.

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