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10210-Brain (Superior) parts

  • Made of PVC.
  • With muscles marking & ligaments.
  • Made of PVC.
  • With muscles marking & ligaments.

Superior brain parts models represent the top view of the brain and are used for specific educational and medical purposes. Here’s a concise overview of their uses:

  1. Anatomical Education: Superior brain parts models serve as educational tools to teach the anatomy of the brain’s upper view, including the cerebral hemispheres, gyri, and sulci.
  2. Neuroanatomy Learning: Students and healthcare professionals use these models to study and understand the specific structures present in the superior aspect of the brain.
  3. Neurosurgical Planning: Neurosurgeons utilize these models to plan surgeries, visualizing the superior perspective to enhance precision and orientation during procedures.
  4. Research Reference: Researchers use superior brain parts models as visual aids in studies focused on the topographical and functional aspects of specific brain structures.
  5. Diagnostic Training: Radiologists and diagnosticians use these models to improve diagnostic skills by familiarizing themselves with the appearance of superior brain structures in imaging.
  6. Patient Consultation: Healthcare professionals use superior brain parts models during consultations to explain conditions, procedures, and treatment plans, providing patients with a visual reference.
  7. Neurology Demonstrations: In neurology demonstrations, these models illustrate the superior view of the brain, aiding in the understanding of functional areas and potential pathologies.
  8. Psychology Studies: Researchers and educators in psychology use superior brain models to discuss brain functions and their relevance to cognitive processes and behaviors.

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