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Universal Water Bath

11330-Universal Water Bath

About this item -

Laboratory Water Bath


· Multiple use for all requirement of pathological micro biological, chemical physical and in other laboratories

· Double walled inner S.S .buff finish and exterior of G.I/M.S having epoxy powder coating finish in regular model

· Inner 316 S.S & exterior 304 S.S matt finish in GMP Model

· Choice of controller from capillary type thermostat or solid state digital tem Controller

· High precision cGMP model includes single speed stirrer PID controller round edges corner &elegant in design

· Temp. range: 5c above ambient to 95c

· A perforated false bottom in all bash and choice for accessories to select

· Operates on 230 volts

Technical Specifications:

Part NO. Chamber Size (LXWXD) Temp. Controller Temp. Accuracy Watts
11330-A 12”X9”X7” Capillary type Thermostat ±2c 1.5 k.w
11330-B 18”X12”X7” Capillary type Thermostat ±2c 2.0 k.w
11330-C 12”X9”X7” Microprocessor Based PID temp. Controller ±0.5c 1.5 k.w
11330-D 18”X12”X7” Microprocessor Based PID temp. controller ±0.5c 2.0 k.w
11330-E 12”X9”X7” High grade Precision c GMP series ±0.1c 1.5 k.w
11330-F 18”X12”X7” High grade Precision c GMP series ±0.1c 2.0 k.w