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Cloud & Pour Point Bath

11340-Cloud & Pour Point Bath

About this item -

Laboratory Water Bath


· Cloud & Pour Bath unit designed to meet the test method of ASTM D-2500-88/D-97

· For use to carry test of any petroleum oil as per test method

· The Cloud And Pour Point bath is triple walled in construction with inner chamber made of stainless steel & exterior of G.I sheet duly finished in epoxy powder coated shade

· The unit have 4 compartment for 4 different temperature range in (Standard Unit)

· 1st compartment: -1 c to -2 c (minus 1 c to minus 2 c)

· 2nd compartment: -15 c to -18 c (minus 15 c to minus 18 c)

· 3rd compartment: -32 c to -34 c ( minus 32 c to minus 34 c)

· 4th compartment: -47 c to -51 c (minus 47 c to minus 51 c)

· The top surface of unit is of hylem/Bakelite thick sheet for easy cleaning

· Each compartment for 4 test jacket made of copper cylindrical flat bottom- 45 mm dia x 115mm ht.

· Test jar made of clear cylindrical glass flat bottom 30 to 33.5 mm dia x 115 to 125mm height

· All 4 compartment having 4 cooling system which includes hermetically sealed compressor, condenser fan motor etc CFC free cooling system

· All 4 compartment temperature are being controlled by separate solid state electronic temperature controller and digital indicator

· Selection of single, two or three chamber also